Troop 80 Super Trip 2002

Troop 80's Summer Super Trip for 2004 was to explore Cumberland Caverns, the 2nd largest cavern in the US.  Enroute to and returning from the caverns, we explored the National Forests that occupy Western N.C.  Click on the small image to view a larger picture.

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Fontanna Dam in the Great Smoky Mountains National Forest was stop 1.
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The Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest was our 2nd stop and our first campsite.
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Inside the cave, we had to first fit through a small box as a size test!  The tunnels were small!
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Some of theRock formations in the cavern.  We bedded down in a large chamber for the night.
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On our return leg, the Cataloochee Valley offered rain and breathtaking scenery.